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Month: June 2024

Month: June 2024

tiktok vs facebook ads cover

Facebook ads vs. TikTok ads

Although both platforms have a lot of interest, the most frequently asked question is: which platform is better for my business?
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initiate checkout rate cover

10 Ways to Improve Your Initiate Checkout Rate

Wondering how to improve your initiate checkout rate? Get inspired by some our top tips that will help improve your initiate checkout rate in no time.
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add to cart rate cover

10 Ways to Improve Your Add-To-Cart Rate

A low add-to-cart rate is a huge source of lost revenue for e-commerce businesses. Check out our top 10 tips for improving your add-to-cart rate.
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add to cart rates benchmarks cover

Add-to-Cart Rate Benchmarks: A Closer Look at Facebook Ads

We dive deep into prospecting and retargeting campaigns, unveiling ATC rates that set the standard.
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TikTok Ads Benchmarks for CTR, CR, and CPM – 2024 Update

Explore our latest TikTok benchmarks analysis, discover the latest advertising trends and get insights on how to create effective TikTok ads.
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google ads ctr benchmarks

Google Ads Campaign CTR Benchmarks

Let's explore CTR Benchmarks for Google Ads in 2024!
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improve facebook ads ctr cover

How to Improve Your Facebook Ads CTR

In this post, you'll discover key tips to improve your Facebook Ads CTR.
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facebook ads ctr benchmarks cover

Facebook Ads CTR Benchmarks: How to Optimize Your Ad Performance

Discover the latest Facebook CTR benchmarks to optimize your ad campaigns and maximize conversions.
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increase conversions with urgency cover

11 Strategies to Create Urgency and Increase eCommerce Conversions

Discover 11 powerful strategies to create urgency and drive conversions on your eCommerce website.
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facebook ads mistakes cover

Most Common Facebook Ad Mistakes To Avoid

Struggling to advertise profitably on Facebook? Find out if you're making some of these common mistakes and learn how to fix them in no time.
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