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Awards and reviews

Lebesgue: AI CMO earned recognition from Capterra in three categories!

Best Functionality and Features

Best Ease of Use

Best Customer Support

Lebesgue: Award-Winning on Product Hunt!

Lebesgue - Scraping global marketing data to make your marketing work | Product Hunt
Lebesgue - Scraping global marketing data to make your marketing work | Product Hunt

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

Lebesgue is everything in one place, with accurate figures, done right. In the past, we had to use multiple apps, dashboards, reports just to have a vague sense of the data. With Lebesgue, everything is in one spot and the interface is so intuitive that we receive actionable insights every time we open the app. These discoveries we're making thanks to Lebesgue are becoming a competitive advantage for us!
-The Woolly Thistle
Easy to use interface, incredible depth of data (both your own and competitor analysis), powerful tools for paid analytics, and a very helpful set of tools for taking next steps and finding actionable insights on a daily basis. Their team is also amazing and super helpful in terms of guidance, with Josip and Tony walking through our accounts together to make sure we're seeing the most benefit from the platform. Highly recommend, especially for those looking for alternatives to tools like Triple Whale (which we were using before).
This app is one of the best out there. No need to pay someone to pull 800 reports and analyze them, this app can do it all and so much more. I also LOVE spying on competition.
-Larissa Loden
One of the best if not the best Ads and marketing analytics app we have used. The way data is presented is so intuitive and more than just presenting data, the app gives us personalised recommendations, tips and fixes according to how we are performing. Moreover, Tony has been excellent at service- got to be one of the best customer service we have received from a Shopify application team.
-Lobha Deepthis
If you are trying to run a data driven enterprise this app is a must have. We were using triple whale and while it is a great tool it doesn’t provide a fraction of the actionable insights of Lebesgue. It is cleaner, easier to use, and provides better information than any of the other apps we are have used before. Just try it out for a month, you’ll be happy you did
-happy being
As a Shopify user, I have recently started using Lebesgue: Marketing & LTV app and I am extremely impressed with its capabilities. The app is an all-in-one solution for analysing my store's analytics, Facebook ads, and Google ads performance. The best thing about the app is that it not only analyses my own data but also provides insights from my competitors' data and overall marketing trends. Read More
In our data-driven environment, having a comprehensive yet affordable analytics solution is paramount. Although we're equipped with an advanced GA4 setup and custom reports from Looker and Google Ads, we've long been on the lookout for a singular tool. Our criteria? A platform that effortlessly merges key metrics from diverse sources, categorizes them by origin, offers a robust LTV analysis, and remains user-friendly for our non-tech staff. Enter Lebesgue. Read More
I had been searching for the right app for over one year - an app where I can look at my advertising ROI all in one place and profitability. This app took just a few minutes to install and everything is right there - The reporting has been eye opening! And with Tony's help, I was able to correct a major google ads issue which saved me from over spending on google ads. I am so grateful!
-Project Nursery
Lebesgue is such an amazing app!! It has helped me to see more accurate data and understand our digital marketing. The team is fantastic and Toni has been so helpful in making sure we get accurate data. He helped me to see our data more accurately and fix our pixel issues.