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Category: Google Ads

Category: Google Ads

inefficient keywords cover

Inefficient Keywords in Google Ads

Learn about Inefficient keywords in Google Ads and get simple tips to make your ads work better.
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Google Ads Additional Assets Type: Ultimate Guide for 2024

Learn how you can make your Google Ads even better with the Additional Assets.
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Google Ads Negative Keywords: Beginners Guide for 2024

Explore the key to successful Google Ads campaigns as you uncover the art of using negative keywords.
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Multiple Events Track Conversions on Google Ads

Google Ads can sometimes show more sales than you really got. Find out why it happens, learn to catch the problem, and fix it for accurate results in your campaigns.
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google ads campaign objective cover

Google Ads Campaign Objective: Sales or Website Traffic?

Choosing between Google Ads Campaign Objectives significantly impacts your advertising success and business growth. Which objective should you choose?
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troas or tcpa cover

tROAS or tCPA? Which one to use in your campaigns?

In this blog post, we'll uncover the smart bidding strategy that's essential for e-commerce success.
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Why You Shouldn’t Pin Headlines & Descriptions in Google Ads

Are you pinning your headlines in Google Ads? Let's explore the best practices for creating responsive search ads.
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google ads cpc benchmarks cover

Google Ads CPC Benchmarks: 2024 Insights for eCommerce

Explore the newest CPC benchmarks for all types of Google Ads campaigns.
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The Hidden Costs of Google Ads: Avoid Budget-Wasting Mistakes

Uncover the most common Google Ads mistakes that are draining your budget. Learn key strategies to optimize your campaigns, improve performance, and maximize your ROI.
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9 Ways to Improve Your Google Ads Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Find out what are our top recommendations for improving your Google Ads CTR.
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