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Conversion tracking is the process of measuring and analyzing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in terms of how many visitors take a desired action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form. Tracking is essential for businesses to understand the ROI of their advertising efforts and make informed decisions about future campaigns. Here you can find a collection of questions and answers related to conversion tracking which includes all the information and resources necessary to set up and optimize tracking for a business. It can help businesses understand how to set up tracking for Facebook, Google, and TikTok ads.

Recent Questions

Lifetime value of a customer

Hi, I was wondering what is the best way to calculate the lifetime value of my customers.

How do I set up a conversion event in Facebook ads?

How do I set up the different conversion events on Facebook in my Shopify store? I see that people have add-to-card, initiate checkout, and purchase set up, but I don’t see where I’m supposed to do that.

Do TikTok ads work better than FB?

I hear a lot about TikTok ads, a lot of ecom guys telling me they have good results… But when I try running some ads my results are always worse than on Fb. Do you have some insights on TikTok vs Fb performance?

What is a high CPM on Facebook Ads?

What is a high CPM on Facebook ads?

Should I use Performance Max or Shopping campaigns for my Shopify Store?

I see that a lot of people are moving to Performance Max campaigns, are these any good? Do you have any benchmarks compared to Shopping?
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