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facebook ads and iOS14 cover

The Impact of iOS 14 Update on Facebook Ads

Since the iOS14 update became available, there’s been a lot of buzz around poor-performing Facebook ads. So let's see what's the impact on the actual results.
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Facebook ads CPM

How To Reduce Your Facebook Ads CPM

In this blog post, we will look at different factors and optimization settings that may impact your CPM.
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Facebook Ads CTR

How to Improve Your Facebook Ads CTR

In this post, you'll discover key tips to improve your Facebook Ads CTR.
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Facebook ads audience graph

Which Facebook Ads Audience Works Best for Prospecting?

Ever wondered which is the best-performing prospecting audience to show your ads to?
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facebook ad conversion window

Which Facebook Ads Conversion Window Should You Use?

When it comes to choosing the right Facebook ads conversion window, things can get a bit tricky. Especially when you don’t know what each option means and how to use it properly.
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Facebook ad placements

Facebook Ad Placements: Why you should use automatic placements

Wondering which Facebook ad placements deliver the best results? Follow our guide to learn why we always recommend using automatic placements.
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facebook campaign structure

Facebook’s Structure for Scale: How-to & Best Practices

Drowning in too many different campaigns and ad sets in your Facebook Ads manager? Follow this guide to learn how to structure your Facebook ad account the right way.
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How to Master Facebook Ad Targeting

Facebook gives you a ton of options, but the question is which audience your business speaks to the most? Follow our guide to discover all the targeting options and how to use them properly.
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How We Tripled Facebook Ads Conversions with 100% ROI

In this blog post we share our tips on how to use the day of the week analysis to scale Facebook ads performance.
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facebook graph api part 1 cover image

Getting Started With Facebook’s Marketing API, Part 1

According to the latest quarterly results published by Facebook, revenue from advertising in Q3 of 2020 surpassed even the last quarter of the previous year, the time of year when the spending on advertising is the highest due to both Black Friday/Cyber Monday campaigns, and due to the Christmas season.
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