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Author: Lebesgue

data retention in google analytics 4 cover

Data Retention in Google Analytics 4: How to analyze report?

Discover GA4 data retention tricks and overcome challenges. Get started with our guide!
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increase conversions with urgency cover

11 Strategies to Create Urgency and Increase eCommerce Conversions

Discover 11 powerful strategies to create urgency and drive conversions on your eCommerce website.
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facebook purchase event cover

How to manually implement Facebook purchase event on Shopify

Here is step by step guide on how to manually implement Facebook event on Shopify store.
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best email marketing apps cover

5 Best Email Marketing Apps for Your E-commerce Store

Explore our top 5 recommendations and discover how these apps can revolutionize your e-commerce email marketing efforts.
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WEBINAR: How to scale your Facebook and Google Ads?

Join us in an exclusive webinar where we'll uncover the top mistakes most businesses make when scaling their Facebook and Google Ads!
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email strategy cover

Email Strategy 101: How to do email marketing in 2024?

Explore the latest best practices in email marketing and insights from the data Lebesgue has gathered just for you.
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facebook retargeting ads cover

Facebook Retargeting Ads: How to retarget your audience in 2024

Discover how to create Facebook retargeting ads that convert. Check your performance against industry benchmarks.
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tiktok video editors cover

The Best TikTok Video Editors in 2024

Discover the best TikTok video editors in our picks—your shortcut to creating content and ads at a superior level.
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Meta Ads Sales Campaign cover

Meta Ads Sales Campaign: Best Practices in 2024

Discover the latest tips for Meta ads Sales campaigns. Improve your strategy, sell more, and navigate the online world with ease.
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how to increase tiktok ctr cover

How to Increase TikTok CTR? 9 Creative Tips

Discover 9 proven creative tips that will help you with increasing your TikTok CTR.
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