AI-Driven Advertising Success: Parisa Wang’s Story with Lebesgue AI CMO

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When you first start an eCommerce business, you usually have big dreams and high hopes. You’ve done your homework, you know your customers, and you’ve created an amazing product. But sometimes, after all that initial excitement, you find yourself feeling a bit lost. You still have goals but, you’re not sure how to reach them anymore. And that’s alright. We all sometimes feel a little lost, but there is a silver lining. With so much technology available, let’s see how you can increase profit with AI. Today, we’ll share with you how Parisa Wang increased her profit by $100k a month with Lebesgue AI CMO and motivate you to do the same. So let’s start.  

Today, it’s not just enough to have a great product. In a world where customers are purchasing products and services from the comfort of their homes, you need to get their attention and market your products in the best way possible. That sounds easy; you take the list of best practices, and follow the process. But even with a list of best practices and a clear process, advertising can be challenging. You might be working with a limited budget, lack the necessary experience to optimize your campaigns, or find out that your agency is relying on outdated methods that are no longer producing the desired results.

increase profit with AI adertising mistakes

Regularly auditing your advertising campaigns is crucial in ensuring that they are running effectively and efficiently. An audit helps you identify and address technical issues that may be hindering your advertising performance, such as incorrect tracking or ad delivery issues. This is where Lebesgue’s Automated Advertising Audit comes in handy. Lebesgue’s Automated Advertising Audit helped Parisa to identify several technical issues with her advertising campaigns, including incorrect pixel implementation and suboptimal ad optimization. With Lebesgues’s recommendations, Parisa was able to quickly fix these issues and improve the performance of her ads. Ultimately, with the right campaign optimization, Parisa was one step closer to increasing profit with AI.

I was amazed at how quickly Lebesgue's tool was able to identify the issues with my advertising campaigns. It would have taken me hours, if not days, to identify and fix these issues on my own. With Lebesgue's recommendations, I was able to improve the performance of my ads and get more clicks and conversions.

Phase 2: Improving Advertising Content

After you are sure that your campaigns are optimized you can focus on creating advertising content. All you need to do is to be a little creative and know how to talk to your audience. Easy to say, you might think. While some people have a natural talent for writing compelling content, others may struggle with this aspect of advertising. If you don’t know how to write content that converts, you’ll spend countless hours creating content only to find that it doesn’t yield the desired results

What Parisa did is she used Lebesgue’s AI-powered copywriting feature to create ads that resonated with her target audience and drove more traffic to her website. By incorporating industry best practices and trends, Parisa was able to quickly generate effective and compelling ad copy without spending hours brainstorming ideas herself.

increase profit with AI create copy
Lebesgue's AI-powered copywriting feature was a game-changer for me. I was able to create ad copy that was both effective and efficient, without having to spend hours on research and writing. It helped me get my message out to my target audience and drive more traffic to my website.

Phase 3: Improving the Add to cart rate

Up until now, we have discussed the importance of optimizing your advertising campaigns and creating compelling ad content. However, what should you do if you find that, despite these efforts, your add-to-cart rate remains below industry averages? Well, then you need to take a look at your eCommerce store and see if something strange is going on. 

As you can imagine this happened to Parisa. Despite improvements to her advertising campaigns and ad copy, the add-to-cart rate remained low in comparison with industry averages. Further analysis showed that her website’s page speed score and suboptimal mobile web were hurting user flow and causing frustration for potential customers.

Using Lebesgue’s Market Intelligence feature, Parisa was able to identify and address these technical issues, resulting in a significant improvement in her website’s page speed score, from 12 to 58. This optimization had a measurable impact on her add-to-cart rate and conversion rate, resulting in a clear before-and-after improvement. 

Thanks to Lebesgue's guidance and recommendations, I was able to optimize my website for speed, resulting in a significant improvement in my add-to-cart rate and conversion rate. Lebesgue's Market Intelligence feature provided me with valuable insights and helped me make data-driven decisions to improve my website performance and achieve my business goals.

Summing up: Increase Profit with AI

To sum up, there are many AI-powered tools available today that help businesses optimize their advertising and achieve growth. Based on the case of Parisa Wang’s handbag business, the use of Lebesgue resulted in significant improvements to key metrics. The optimizations made with Lebesgue produced a clear before-and-after impact, highlighting the effectiveness of the tool. This is one of many examples of how you can increase profit with AI. To summarize the impact on the Parisa Wang store, here are the key metrics that saw improvement:

increase profit with AI lebesgue
Understand and optimize your performance with Lebesgue


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