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Analyzing Facebook CPM by Gender (2024 Update)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

In recent years, there has been a notable transformation in the gender distribution of Facebook users, challenging the traditional belief that women outnumbered men on the platform.

According to the latest data from January 2024, it’s now evident that men constitute 56.38% of Facebook’s user base, while women account for 43.2% worldwide.

These data studies provide concrete evidence of this evolving demographic landscape, prompting a significant question: How does this gender distribution impact Facebook Ads CPM?

In this blog post, we’ll explore the benchmarks for Facebook Ads CPM by gender and uncover the insights that matter most to eCommerce advertisers. So, let’s begin!

Facebook Ads CPM by Gender (weekly analysis)

Now let’s dive into the CPM variations by week and gender. The average CPM for ads targeting women is $6.01 and for men is $4.92. Throughout the week, the CPM for both genders remained relatively consistent, with some interesting insights. 

On Mondays, the CPM for both genders was $10.07, with females slightly higher at $10.45 and males lower at $6.26. Tuesdays showed similar patterns, with both genders at $10.05, females at $10.62, and males at $5.95.

As we move to Wednesdays, the CPM for both genders dropped slightly to $9.97, while females maintained a slightly higher CPM of $10.28 and males stayed lower at $6.23. Thursdays experienced a small increase, reaching $10.37 for both genders, $10.61 for females, and $6.63 for males.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting.

On Fridays, the CPM for both genders dipped to $9.5, but females saw a further decrease to $8.35, while males remained significantly lower at $5.7. 

Saturdays recorded a CPM of $9.3 for both genders, but females reached $11.16 while males stayed at $6.56. Sundays showed a consistent CPM of $8.14 for both genders, with females slightly higher at $10.68 and males lower at $6.03.

Facebook CPM by Gender weekly benchmarks

Budget Allocation and Targeting Strategies

Well, these CPM variations by week and gender offer valuable insights that can greatly benefit eCommerce business owners like yourself. When targeting both genders, you can expect relatively consistent CPM values throughout the week. 

This means you can allocate your budget evenly across the days without experiencing significant cost fluctuations.

However, it’s important to consider that targeting women specifically requires a slightly higher budget compared to targeting both genders. The data shows that the CPM for women tends to be slightly higher than the average

This could be due to factors such as increased competition or differing ad preferences among female users. Therefore, you need to be prepared to allocate an additional budget when focusing on female audiences to ensure effective reach and engagement.

On the other hand, targeting men may provide you with a cost advantage. The CPM values consistently remain lower for men compared to both genders. 

This presents an opportunity for you to reach male audiences at a relatively lower cost, allowing you to optimize your budget and potentially achieve higher ad reach or frequency within your target audience.

Facebook Ads CPM by Gender (monthly analysis)

Let’s dive into the CPM variations by month, which offer valuable insights for your advertising strategies. 

In January, both genders experienced a CPM of $10.53, with females slightly lower at $10.16 and males significantly lower at $7.27. In January, both genders had the lowest CPM, making it the most cost-effective month to advertise. February follows closely behind as a cost-effective month to advertise with slightly higher CPM values than January.

As we move to the summer months, July experienced a spike in CPM, reaching $12.27 for both genders, $13.25 for females, and $8.35 for males. August showcased a similar pattern, with a higher CPM of $12.74 for both genders, $12.65 for females, and a significantly lower $8.02 for males.

Let’s delve deeper into the winter months to understand the CPM variations. 

In December, we observed relatively high CPM values, with both genders at $13.64, females at $13.36, and males at $10.36. 

However, it’s important to note that November stood out with even higher CPM rates. During November, the CPM reached $15.06 for both genders, $15.52 for females, and $10.35 for males. 

These figures highlight the increased cost of advertising during November, making it a period to consider when planning your advertising budget and strategies.

Strategies Insights for CPM Variations by Month

January emerges as the most cost-effective month for advertising, with relatively lower CPM values compared to other months. This can be attributed to several factors.

Firstly, January is typically a post-holiday period when many businesses reduce their advertising budgets after the busy holiday season. With lower competition among advertisers, the demand for ad placements decreases, resulting in more affordable prices.

Additionally, consumer behavior plays a role. After the holiday shopping spree, January tends to be a quieter month for many industries. Advertisers may experience reduced demand from consumers, leading to lower CPM rates as ad inventory exceeds the available demand.

On the other hand, December and November are known for being the most expensive months for advertising. These months coincide with major shopping events such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the holiday season.

During this time, consumer spending surges, and businesses intensify their marketing efforts to capture the attention of shoppers. The increased competition for ad placements drives up CPM rates as advertisers vie for limited inventory.

cpm by gender benchmarks

Furthermore, the festive atmosphere and gift-buying mentality of consumers contribute to higher demand for advertising, resulting in elevated CPM values. Advertisers are willing to invest more during this period to reach the larger audience actively seeking products and promotions.

Considering the dynamics of January, December, and November can help you strategically plan your advertising campaigns. Capitalize on the cost-effective opportunities in January to maximize your budget, while being prepared for higher costs during the holiday season in December and November, where the potential for increased sales and exposure is significant.

Summing Up

In conclusion, leverage CPM insights by gender and month to enhance your advertising strategies.

 Allocate the budget wisely, target specific audiences, and capitalize on favorable months. Stay informed, adapt, and make data-driven decisions for advertising success in the digital world.

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