Facebook Ads Creatives: Benchmarks and Best Practices

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Getting your Facebook ads up and running requires choosing the perfect creative type for your ads. But this can be a challenge if you’re not familiar with each type. That’s where Lebesgue comes in to help! Within this blog post, we’ll break down the details of every creative type available and show you how they perform. We’ll also dive into analyzing Facebook ads creatives benchmarks, unveiling new insights, and sharing the best practices. 

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll feel sure about creating your ads.

When you’re doing Facebook Advertising, you have different creative options to choose from. Let’s take a look at each of these options.

Image Ads

Imagine having a digital billboard for your best products. Image ads do just that, using captivating visuals to put your products in the spotlight. From stunning visuals of your latest collection to showcasing a single hero product, image ads make a striking first impression and invite further exploration. 

To make your ads more captivating, consider choosing the best background pictures for your image ads. A resource, like Freepik, provides countless stock photos that can help your products stand out immensely

Video Ads

Video ads add movement and life to your product showcase. They tell stories, demonstrate functionality, and immerse viewers in your brand’s world

Share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your creative process, show your product in action, or let satisfied customers share their experiences – all in a format that resonates with today’s video-hungry audience.

facebook ads by creative type

Carousel Ads

Take your audience on a captivating journey through your product range. Carousel ads allow you to feature multiple products or showcase various facets of a single item

From showcasing a curated collection to telling a visual story, carousel ads make every swipe a discovery, leaving your audience eager for more.

Dynamic Ads

For e-commerce, personalization is key. Dynamic ads use data to tailor product recommendations to each individual, increasing the chances of conversion

Imagine showing audience products they’ve previously viewed or suggesting complementary items based on their browsing history – it’s the digital equivalent of a personal shopper, guiding them toward their perfect purchase.

Facebook Ads Creatives Benchmarks

With our insights into the various Facebook Ads creative types, the next step is to dive into their performance analysis. By looking at their data-driven performance, you can decide which creative type is best for you. Without further ado let’s start.

Facebook Ads Creatives CPM Benchmarks

Diving into the world of Facebook Ads Creatives CPM Benchmarks provides a window into the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) for each creative type. As you plan your advertising strategy, these figures offer valuable insights. 

So, image ads have a CPM of $6.27, while video ads cost $7.53 per thousand views. Dynamic ads also have a CPM of $7.53, and carousel ads come in at $6.08. These numbers help you decide which ad type fits your budget and goals.

facebook ads creatives benchmarks cpm

Facebook Ads Creatives CR Benchmarks

Let’s dive into the Facebook Ads Creatives Conversion Rate (CR) Benchmarks to understand how each ad type performs in turning viewers into customers. These Conversion Rate numbers provide insights into the effectiveness of different ads. 

Image ads show a 1.27% Conversion Rate, while video ads have a 1.49% CR, both engaging audiences well. Dynamic ads hold a 1.40% Conversion Rate, and carousel ads follow closely with a 1.35%.

facebook ads creatives benchmarks cr and ctr

Facebook Ads Creatives CTR Benchmarks

And the last one CTR benchmarks. Creative click-through rate (CTR) Benchmarks tell us how often people click on each ad type. These CTR numbers show us the effectiveness of different ads.

So, image ads have a CTR of 0.93%, while video ads have a 1.00% click rate, both getting clicks from the audience. Dynamic ads maintain a CTR of 0.99%, and carousel ads lead with 1.14%. These numbers help you figure out which ad type resonates well with your audience and encourages them to click.

Best Practices for Ads Creative

Maximizing the potential of your Facebook advertising campaigns requires a thoughtful approach to each creative type. Let’s explore tailored best practices for image ads, video ads, dynamic ads, and carousel ads based on their performance metrics.

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Image Ads:

  • Visual Impact: Since image ads have a CPM of $6.27, they offer a cost-effective way to capture attention. Use high-quality, eye-catching visuals that immediately convey your message.
  • Engaging Copy: With a CTR of 0.93%, focus on crafting concise and compelling ad copy that encourages clicks. Include a clear call to action to guide viewers.

Video Ads:

  • Storytelling: Video ads have a CPM of $7.53 and a CTR of 1.00%, indicating their engaging nature. Tell a captivating story about your product or brand to keep viewers hooked.
  • Short and Sweet: Since shorter videos tend to perform well, aim for 15 seconds or less to maximize engagement and keep the audience’s attention.

Dynamic Ads:

  • Personalization: Dynamic ads also have a CPM of $7.53 and a CTR of 0.99%. Leverage the power of personalized content by using dynamic ads to tailor messages and products to each viewer’s preferences.
  • Segmentation: Group your audience into segments based on their behavior and preferences. This will allow you to deliver more relevant content through dynamic ads.

Carousel Ads:

  • Visual Variety: With a CPM of $6.08 and a CTR of 1.14%, carousel ads are effective at engaging audiences. Use this format to showcase multiple products, angles, or features in a single ad.
  • Narrative Flow: Arrange your carousel cards to tell a story or guide the viewer through a series of offerings. This encourages interaction and exploration.

Remember, these best practices provide a starting point, but it’s important to continuously monitor your ad performance and adjust your strategy based on real-time data and audience feedback.

Summing up

And there you have it – the latest Facebook Ads benchmarks for Facebook ads creative types. We hope this info helps you understand better and encourages you to use these ideas in your ads. If you’re looking for more insights, check out our tips on how to audit your Facebook ads for even better results. 

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