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Category: Product Features

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Email Strategy 101: How to do email marketing in 2024?

Explore the latest best practices in email marketing and insights from the data Lebesgue has gathered just for you.
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How we use correlation coefficients to detect trends

In order to better understand the behavior of the essential metrics in online marketing performance, it is useful to see whether there is a continuous growth or decline of an observed variable over time.
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Correlation coefficients through online marketing examples

Through this post we will introduce you to the simple mathematical concept – the theory of correlation coefficients. The interpretation and application of this theory allow us to analyze the relationship between variables. We will explain, in detail, some ideas that lie behind the theory.
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how to predict your customer's next purchase cover

How to predict your customer’s next purchase?

Check out how you can use simple calculations to learn a lot about your customer preferences.
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The Brains behind Smart Customer Targeting

Learn how we built a product recommendation system using neural networks.
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The Power of Smart Customer Targeting

Over the years, personalization has become a huge and inevitable part of any e-commerce business. Customers expect your marketing to be personal, so every interaction needs to be tailored to their personality and preferences.
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The mathematics behind RAPP’s retention prediction

In order to explain how we calculate expected retention and expected customer lifetime value (eCLV) for subscriptions we will take a tour through our imaginary shop named Charlie’s chocolate store.
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Customer lifetime value for subscription businesses

Do you have a clear picture of your future earnings and make plans accordingly? We explain why thinking ahead is crucial for subscription businesses.
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