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How we use correlation coefficients to detect trends

In order to better understand the behavior of the essential metrics in online marketing performance, it is useful to see whether there is a continuous growth or decline of an observed variable over time.
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Understanding correlation coefficients through online marketing examples

Through this post we will introduce you to the simple mathematical concept – the theory of correlation coefficients. The interpretation and application of this theory allow us to analyze the relationship between variables. We will explain, in detail, some ideas that lie behind the theory.
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facebook campaign structure

Facebook’s Structure for Scale: How-to & Best Practices

Drowning in too many different campaigns and ad sets in your Facebook Ads manager? Follow this guide to learn how to structure your Facebook ad account the right way.
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How to Master Facebook Ad Targeting

Facebook gives you a ton of options, but the question is which audience your business speaks to the most? Follow our guide to discover all the targeting options and how to use them properly.
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