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Month: September 2020

analytics cover

The magic formula for interpreting CPC figures in Google Ads

If you've ever wondered how to use CPC data to analyze campaign performance, we have something that can help.
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Facebook Ad Optimization: Page views vs. conversions

If you’re running a new campaign on Facebook and you’re unsure about which optimization strategy to use - you’ve come to the right place.
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Google ads limited by budget cover

Google Ads campaign limited by budget?

In this article, we explore ways of increasing the budget for campaigns whose delivery is limited by the daily budget.
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The mathematics behind RAPP’s retention prediction

In order to explain how we calculate expected retention and expected customer lifetime value (eCLV) for subscriptions we will take a tour through our imaginary shop named Charlie’s chocolate store.
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customer lifetime value cover

Customer lifetime value for subscription businesses

Do you have a clear picture of your future earnings and make plans accordingly? We explain why thinking ahead is crucial for subscription businesses.
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