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Lebesgue: Smarter Marketing is designed to help Shopify Stores of all sizes to boost their ROI by following industry best practices and providing actionable insights on where to focus their marketing efforts.
The app itself is very intuitive and pretty easy to use. It provides great data and has way more tools than I expected, such as tools for making ad copy, for understanding your competition, and general data points on things you can improve.
This is by far the best app I ever installed on my Shopify store (and I have installed many apps). The tool is very user-friendly with great UX and UI. Connecting the Facebook pixel to the app took less than a minute.
This is the simplest way to get a birds-eye-view of all sales data, customer insights, and marketing channel performance. I tried to recreate this myself, and there is not a good way to do it without a ton of manual work...