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Month: August 2023

tiktok advertising insights cover

TikTok Advertising Insights: Best Practices for Creating TikTok Ads

Learn how to make engaging and effective ads that resonate with your audience.
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facebook ads creative type benchmarks cover

Facebook Ads Creatives: Benchmarks and Best Practices

Unlock the potential of your Facebook ads with the latest creative type benchmarks. From cost-efficient image ads to engaging video and dynamic options, and the interactive carousel format, these insights provide a guide for your advertising strategy.
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facebook ads ctr benchmarks cover

Facebook Ads CTR Benchmarks: How to Optimize Your Ad Performance

Curious about CTR benchmarks? We've got you covered. Learn the ins and outs of how your ads are performing and how to make them shine. Dive in and uncover the secrets to optimizing your ad campaigns.
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facebook ads audit cover

How to do a Comprehensive Facebook Ads Audit in 2023?

Want to make your Facebook Ads even better? Our guide walks you through doing a Facebook Ads checkup for super useful insights. You'll find important tips to make your ads work even better and get you more out of your advertising budget.
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Add-to-Cart Rates cover

Add-to-Cart Rates Benchmarks: A Closer Look at Facebook Ads

Curious how your Facebook Ads measure up? Unveil the power of Add-to-Cart (ATC) benchmarks—a compass guiding your campaign's success. We dive deep into prospecting, retargeting, and more, unveiling ATC rates that set the standard.
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how to lower CPM cover

How to Lower CPM on Facebook Ads: Practical Steps for Ad Cost Optimization

Are you worried about high costs for your Facebook Ads? No need to stress! Our complete guide will help you understand why this happens and give you practical ways to make things better.
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