Red Flags: Multiple Ads per Ad Set

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Why is it important?

This is another test that is based on digital marketing experience, and is related to Facebook. In general, we find that the performance is best when only one ad is used per ad set. The reasons are once again technical.

The goal is always to find an ad that performs well, and to gradually increase spend. This is related to the general advice in marketing to spend money only on material that works well. 

What influences the ad performance? 

Obviously, a number of factors, but the most important ones are:

  • audience selection
  • bidding strategy
  • ad copy
  • ad visual
  • landing page.

An ad will be successful if all of these are aligned. The reason why one ad per ad set is beneficial here is that it speeds up the learning process. How? 

Let’s take a look at a simple example where we want to test 2 ads, and we have two options:

  • Placing them in different ad sets,
  • Placing them in the same ad set.

By placing them in separate ad sets, we make sure that the full budget of the ad set is spent on that ad. In the case where only one ad set is used, Facebook probably won’t share the budget 50/50 between these two ads, and it will prefer one ad over the other, with no obvious reason (the ad that will be promoted will not be better in terms of CTR, CPC, CR), so we would have to wait longer to see which ad performs better. 

The more ads there are, the longer it will take for Facebook to properly test them.

What if the test fails?

The app looks at yesterday’s results to see if there are any active ad sets which use more than one ad. We suggest you consider using one ad per ad set if the upper explanation makes sense to you.

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