10 Strategies to Increase Your Email Subscriber List in 2024

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Increasing your email subscriber list is crucial in the e-commerce world. Your email list is your direct link to your audience, driving interactions and conversions.

With email marketing having one of the highest ROI rates, growing your subscriber list is vital for maximizing success in 2024.

So, this blog post explores effective tactics for increasing your email subscriber list, and empowering your e-commerce efforts. Let’s dive in!

One of the important aspects of email marketing is retargeting.

Before, when people used apps on iPhones, advertisers could track what they did and show them ads based on their activities. 

But with the iOS 14 changes, some of that tracking is limited. This makes it harder for advertisers, especially on social media, to show ads to audiences based on what they’ve done outside of those apps.

However, with email marketing, you’re not affected by these changes. You can still send targeted emails to people who have signed up for your list. 

Since they’ve given you permission, you can keep sending them relevant messages, like reminders about products they looked at or special offers based on their interests.

So, while it might be trickier to retarget people with ads on social media now, email marketing remains a reliable way to reach them directly and keep them engaged with your brand. It’s like having a personalized conversation with each person on your email list, without worrying about changes in tracking.

Benefits of creating an email subscriber list

Email marketing stands out as a direct way to connect with your audience. As your subscriber list grows, so does your ability to directly engage with individuals through tailored messages, exclusive promotions, and updates.

What sets email subscribers apart is their active expression of interest in your brand. By opting in to receive emails, they’ve already demonstrated a level of engagement that surpasses casual website visitors or social media followers. 

This interest often translates into higher engagement rates, with subscribers more inclined to open emails, interact with content, and act on your offers.

Perhaps most importantly, your email subscriber list represents a direct asset that you own and control. Unlike social network followers or website traffic, you are not dependent on algorithms or third-party platforms.

How to increase email subscriber list?

However, how can you increase the email subscriber list?

Let’s dive deep into 10 proven strategies to get more email subscribers. Here are the 10 strategies to increase your email subscriber list

  1. Immediate Pop-ups
  2. Streamlined Opt-in Offers
  3. Mobile Optimization
  4. Competitor Analysis
  5. Seasonal Campaigns
  6. % Off First Order
  7. Email Sign-Up on the Checkout Page
  8. Subscriber Checkbox
  9. Simplify Sign-up Process
  10. Micro-segmentation audience

Immediate Pop-ups

Immediate pop-ups are email sign-up forms that appear almost instantly when a visitor lands on your website. These pop-ups are designed to capture email addresses quickly, often within the first 1-5 seconds of the visitor’s arrival.

Best practices dictate that immediate pop-ups are more effective than delayed ones. This is because visitors’ attention spans are short, and the longer they spend on your site without taking action, the more likely they are to bounce without subscribing. 

Our research shows that the conversion rate for email sign-ups is 20% better when the pop-up appears immediately.

Furthermore, delaying the pop-up or using exit-intent triggers can be less effective, especially on mobile devices. Exit-intent pop-ups, which appear when a user is about to leave the page, can be challenging to reproduce on mobile and may lead to an unstable browsing experience.

Streamlined Opt-in Offers

Streamlined opt-in offers refer to the process of providing straightforward and compelling incentives for visitors to subscribe to your email list. The goal is to make the opt-in process as simple and intuitive as possible, minimizing friction and maximizing conversions.

Here are some tips to create streamlined opt-in offers:

  1. Clearly communicate the value that subscribers will receive by signing up for your email list.
  2. Keep your email sign-up forms short and easy to fill out. Only ask for essential information such as email address and, optionally, first name.
  3. Use a clear and action-oriented CTA button that tells visitors exactly what to do.

By implementing streamlined opt-in offers, you can make it easy and enticing for visitors to subscribe to your email list, ultimately increasing your subscriber count and growing your audience.

increase email subscriber list with mobile optimized popup

Mobile Optimization

Mobile users expect websites and forms to be optimized for their devices. If the sign-up process is not mobile-friendly, users may encounter issues such as difficulty reading text, navigating forms, or tapping buttons, leading to frustration and potential abandonment.

So, a mobile-optimized sign-up form reduces friction for users, making it easier and quicker for them to subscribe. This increases user satisfaction and encourages more people to subscribe to your email list.

By prioritizing mobile optimization, you can provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for mobile visitors, improve engagement and conversion rates, and ultimately drive business growth.

Competitor Analysis

Understanding what your competitors are doing in their email marketing efforts is crucial for improving your own strategy and attracting more subscribers.

By analyzing your competitors’ email campaigns, you can gain insights into effective content, promotions, and incentives that resonate with subscribers.

Additionally, analyzing their engagement strategies can help you identify opportunities to better engage your own subscribers. This knowledge allows you to adapt and refine your email sign-up process and offers to be more competitive in attracting subscribers. 

Ultimately, competitor analysis helps you stay informed about industry trends and best practices, enabling you to enhance your email marketing efforts and grow your subscriber list effectively.

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Seasonal Campaigns

The next strategy that you could try when increasing the email subscribers list is seasonal campaigns.

Seasonal campaigns offer several advantages for growing your email list.

They provide an opportunity to offer special promotions or discounts, enticing visitors to subscribe to access these limited-time offers. They also help expand your reach by tapping into broader cultural trends and attracting new subscribers searching for relevant content.

Overall, seasonal campaigns are an effective way to capture attention, drive engagement, and attract new subscribers to your email list.

% Off First Order

Offering a discount of 10-15% off on the first order is a great way to get visitors to share their email addresses with you.

Firstly, by giving a discount, you’re giving visitors a good reason to give you their email.

Secondly, people like getting discounts because it means they can save money. So, when you offer a discount in exchange for their email, they see it as a fair deal. They’re happy to give you their email because they get something valuable in return.

Thirdly, when visitors sign up for your email list to get the discount, you’re capturing their information as leads. This means you can keep in touch with them and send them emails about your products or promotions in the future.

When visitors know they’ll get a discount on their first order, it can motivate them to make a purchase sooner. They don’t want to miss out on the savings, so they might decide to purchase from you right away. 

Email Sign-Up on the Checkout Page

As customers reach the checkout stage, they’re already in a buying mindset, making it an opportune moment to invite them to join your email list. This placement capitalizes on their existing interest and presents them with a convenient opportunity to opt-in for further communications.

Integrating an email sign-up option seamlessly into the checkout process simplifies the subscriber acquisition journey for customers. By eliminating the need for additional navigation or steps, you reduce friction and enhance the likelihood of conversions.

increase email subscriber list with checkout signup

Subscribers acquired through the checkout page are highly valuable, as they are already customers who have made a purchase. They are more likely to be engaged with your brand and receptive to future marketing efforts, ultimately contributing to increased lifetime value.

Subscriber Checkbox

Including a subscriber checkbox in the footer of your e-commerce website offers a convenient, persistent, and non-intrusive way to expand your email list, engage with visitors, and nurture leads over time.

It’s a simple yet effective strategy for growing your subscriber base and fostering long-term relationships with your audience.

Also, placing the checkbox in the footer takes a non-intrusive approach to subscriber acquisition. It’s discreet enough not to disrupt the browsing experience, yet readily available for those who wish to opt-in to receive email communications.

increase email subscriber list with Subscriber Checkbox

Simplify Sign-up Process

Keep the sign-up form short and sweet. Only ask for the most important information, like their email address and maybe their first name. The fewer things people have to fill out, the faster they can sign up.

Next, make sure there’s a clear and easy-to-spot button or link that says something like “Sign Up” or “Join Our Newsletter.” 

This button should stand out on your website, so people can find it right away without searching around.

Another helpful tip is to show people a message or a little checkmark icon when they’ve successfully signed up. This lets them know that everything went through okay and makes them feel good about joining your email list.

And finally, consider using a simple one-step sign-up process instead of making people go through multiple steps. This makes it faster and less confusing for them, so they’re more likely to sign up.

Micro-segmentation audience

One common mistake in increasing email subscribers is micro-segmentation and overly complicated triggers that are difficult to reproduce. Here’s why it’s a problem:

  1. Micro-segmentation: Splitting your audience into too many tiny segments can lead to unnecessary complexity and inefficiency. It becomes challenging to manage and may not provide significant benefits compared to broader segmentation.

  2. Complicated Triggers: Creating triggers for email campaigns that are overly complex or difficult to replicate can lead to inconsistency and errors. If the triggers rely on specific conditions that rarely occur or are hard to track, it can disrupt your email marketing efforts.

So, while segmentation and triggers are valuable for email marketing, it’s essential to strike a balance and avoid excessive segmentation or overly complex triggers that can hinder your efforts to increase email subscribers.


By implementing the insights mentioned in the blog post, you can aim to achieve a subscription rate of 7% for mobile visitors and 14% for desktop visitors.

Optimizing email subscription processes is crucial for businesses to effectively grow their email lists and engage with their audience.

With a focus on user experience and strategic implementation, businesses can achieve success in expanding their email subscriber base and nurturing valuable relationships with their audience.

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