Red Flags: Multiple ad accounts

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Why is it important?

Over the years of direct experience in digital marketing on both Facebook and Google, we found that having only one ad account on both platforms is best. The reasons are both practical and technical. From the technical side, both Facebook and Google use machine learning to improve the performance of your campaigns. In general, machine learning algorithms work better with more data that is available to them. Furthermore, the more difficult a task is, the more data is necessary for the algorithm to make significant improvements, and as you probably know by now, digital marketing is a difficult task. Another technical reason why only one ad account is recommended is that when an ad is being displayed, it enters an auction with other ad accounts from competing brands. The more ad accounts bid for the same audience, the higher the price of advertising will be. Having one ad account stops your multiple ad accounts from competing with each other, preventing the advertising price to increase artificially. Finally, the third reason why only one ad account is preferred is purely practical: it’s easier to track performance of a single ad account then of multiple ad accounts.

What if the test fails?

This test looks at the previous 7 days of advertising, to see how many ad accounts are being utilised. Failing the test means that the app has detected activity in at least 2 ad accounts over the past 7 days. We would suggest moving all campaigns into a single ad account.

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