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I am very good with Facebook ads and Google ads, worked a lot for my shopify store, but I’d like to explore TikTok ads. We target a very niche audience, 25-40 who have a driving licence, is it possible to add that kind of targeting on tik tok?

Lebesgue Changed status to publish January 9, 2024

Yes, it is possible to target specific demographics, such as age and interests, on TikTok. You can also target users based on their behaviors, such as device type and app usage. While TikTok does not currently have a specific targeting option for users with a driving license, you can target users based on interests that are likely to be relevant to your niche audience, such as car enthusiasts or travel. Additionally, you can use location targeting to reach users in specific regions, which can help you reach your desired audience. However, it’s always a good idea to test and refine your targeting to ensure that you are reaching the right people in the most efficient and effective way.

Lebesgue Changed status to publish August 21, 2023
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