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Month: March 2024

Bid Cap or Cost Cap cover

Bid Cap or Cost Cap? Which One Should I Use?

Choosing the right budget cap for your Facebook campaigns can make a world of difference. Let's explore which one suits your goals and boosts your Facebook ad performance.
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facebook ads 2024 cover

Make your Facebook Ads work in 2024

Let's discover how you can create Facebook ads that will thrive in 2024. Unlock the strategies and insights you need for remarkable advertising success.
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facebook ads testing: multiple ads per ad set vs single ad per ad set visual

Multiple Ads per Ad set vs. One Ad per Ad Set

Ever wondered how many ads should you have in one ad set? Let's look at the a/b test results and see how your ad setup should look like.
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facebook ads detailed targeting cover

Facebook Detailed Targeting – 2024 Update

Explore the latest updates in detailed targeting and alternative strategies in Facebook targeting for 2024.
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how to scale facebook ads cover

5 Strategies to Scale your Facebook Ads in 2024

Uncover five powerful strategies to elevate your ad campaigns and maximize results. Discover effective techniques for optimizing targeting and budget management, ensuring your ads perform at their best.
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tiktok benchmarks cover

TikTok Ads Benchmarks for CTR, CR and CPM – 2024 update

Explore our latest TikTok benchmarks analysis, discover the latest advertising trends and get insights on how to create effective TikTok ads.
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Marketing Trends cover

WEBINAR: Marketing trends and best practices to follow in 2024

Join our webinar to explore marketing trends in 2024 and get practical insights. Uncover how data-driven strategies can improve your advertising efforts and help your business growth.
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data retention in google analytics 4 cover

Mastering Data Retention in Google Analytics 4

Discover GA4 data retention tricks and overcome challenges. Get started with our guide!
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