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Month: November 2023

sync shopify with tiktok cover

How to Sync Shopify Products to TikTok?

Explore the quick and easy way to sync Shopify products with TikTok – your shortcut to a broader audience and increased sales!
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tiktok pixel helper cover

TikTok Pixel Helper 101: Fixing Common Pixel Mistakes

Discover the most common TikTok Pixel implementation mistakes and how to fix them for seamless marketing success.
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multiple events track conversions cover

Multiple Conversion Tracking on Google Ads

Google Ads can sometimes show more sales than you really got. Find out why it happens, learn to catch the problem, and fix it for accurate results in your campaigns.
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problems with meta pixel ccover

Troubleshoot Problems with the Meta (Facebook) Pixel

Explore our comprehensive guide to troubleshoot common problems with Meta Pixel, from domain connectivity issues to precise Pixel ID placement.
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use lebesgue without an ecommerce store cover

How to use Lebesgue without an eCommerce store

Discover the seamless way to unleash the full potential of Lebesgue's features, even without a dedicated e-commerce store.
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facebook ads in 2024 cover

Maximizing Facebook Ads in 2024: Secret to E-commerce Growth

Get ready to discover the anticipated trends in Facebook advertising for 2024. From targeting to embracing video ads and prioritizing data security, explore what's on the horizon for digital marketers.
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BFCM facebook strategies cover

Inspire your BFCM campaigns: Best strategies and examples

Get your ecommerce business set for the holiday season! Learn essential tips for a successful BFCM.
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google ads conversion tracking cover

How to Install Google Ads Conversion Tracking on Shopify

Learn how to correctly set up conversion tracking for Google Ads and ensure your advertising campaigns are on the right track.
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