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Month: January 2023

facebook benchmarks by industry

Facebook Benchmarks by Industry: CTR, CPM, CR, and CAC in 2023

Let's dive into the latest Facebook benchmarks by industry, giving you a detailed look at the performance metrics that are specific to your field.
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facebook ads vs. tiktok ads

Facebook ads vs. TikTok ads: Cost and Performance Comparison

Facebook ads vs. TikTok ads. Although both platforms have a lot of interest, the most frequently asked question is: which platform is better for my business?
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TikTok Ads for Shopify Stores: Are TikTok Ads good for Shopify?

TikTok ads can be a valuable advertising option for Shopify stores. Discover how you can grow your business with help of TikTok ads.
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tiktok benchmarks cover

TikTok Ads Benchmarks for CTR, CR and CPM – 2023 update

Explore our latest TikTok benchmarks analysis, discover the latest advertising trends and get insights on how to create effective TikTok ads.
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performance max cover

Performance Max campaign – Pros, cons and benchmarks

Performance Max is a Google Ads campaign type designed to assist businesses in meeting their performance objectives. Find out more about current Performance Max camapign's benchmarks.
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