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How to scale your Facebook and Google Ads?

Are your Facebook and Google ads not delivering the results you expect? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Join our exclusive webinar where we uncover the top mistakes most businesses make when scaling their ads on these platforms. Discover expert strategies to optimize your campaigns and achieve better ROI.

In this actionable webinar, you’ll:

Discover the top mistakes businesses make when scaling ads on Facebook and Google.

Learn proven techniques for scaling your campaigns with precision and confidence.

Understand how to distribute your budget across marketing channels for optimal results.
Identify key performance indicators to track when scaling ad spend.
Explore best practices for structuring ads on Facebook and Google to support scalability.
There’s also going to be a Q&A at the end of the webinar so make sure to bring all your doubts or questions around the topic.
P.S. If you can’t make it to the live webinar, you can register anyway and we’ll send you a recording.


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josip begic

Josip Begic

Founder & CEO at Lebesgue

Josip Begic is the founder and CEO of Lebesgue – an all-in-one marketing solution that gives businesses tailored, actionable insights on how to boost their marketing efforts and reach their full potential.

Formerly Head of Growth in multiple VC-funded companies, with a proven track record of helping early-stage businesses achieve sustainable growth. During his career, he’s spent over $20M on Facebook and Google ads which helped him understand the core mechanism of online auctions as well as how to incorporate all that knowledge into Lebesgue.

toni perko

Toni Perko

Customer Success at Lebesgue
Toni Perko is the Head of Customer Success at Lebesgue. Toni’s goal is to help Lebesgue customers reach their full potential by crafting an individual approach for every customer and making sure that our customers see an increase in ROI by using our software.

Toni has experience in Facebook and Google ads management and uses his background in customer support to make digital marketing issues understandable to everyone, even when just starting out.