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Win a free audit worth $5,000

Your Shopify store is not converting? Struggling to increase your Facebook or Google Ads ROI? Not sure how or what to change?

Here’s your chance to start improving your marketing performance and ensure you’re not missing out on a single growth opportunity. Register today and enter to win a free audit usually worth $5,000.

Note: You can participate only if you have an active Shopify store.

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The free audit (usually worth $5,000) will include the following

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A high-level overview of your Facebook & Google Ads and the most important metrics

In-depth analysis of your historical and current Facebook & Google Ads setup – highlighting key setup mistakes that are hurting your performance, presenting opportunities and actionable steps for improvement

Analyzing how your ad performance has changed over time, what has impacted the results, what could have been better, which specific creative, ad copy or targeting have been the most effective, and why, etc.

Checking if the tracking pixel is installed and is working correctly

Analyzing your website UX and UI – a checklist of all site issues and recommended fixes

Analyzing each step in your sales funnel – where are visitors dropping off the most and why, how does each funnel step compare to industry benchmarks, how to improve the conversion rate, etc.

A final summary that discusses what the next steps are on each channel and what results can you expect after implementing our suggestions

If you’re interested in participating, simply fill out the form below

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