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Make customer retargetingsmart and efficient​​

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our idea

Using artificial neural networks, you can target the right customers with relevant product offers, and with the highest accuracy.


Save Time And Money

Target The Right Customers

Know which customers have the highest probability of purchasing certain products. Identify upselling opportunities and sell more to each customer.

A Neural Network Based Approach

Improve your customers’ overall shopping experience through our personalized product recommendations. Identify which products increase or decrease purchase probability and add relevancy to every interaction.

Increase Customer Engagement

Smart Targeting ensures that you are always reaching the right customers so your marketing efforts don’t go to waste.

Smart Product Recommendations

Boost your store revenue and customer lifetime value – all while minimizing advertising costs and users spam.

Artificial Neural

Take your predictions to the next level. Discover the right customers to target, with relevant product offers, at the highest accuracy.

Increase Customer Engagement

Know which products are preferred by which customers and tailor your messaging to match.


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For shops with more than 10000 monthly orders.

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