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The tool for analyzing all growth metrics

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Advanced data analysis built into a comprehensive analytics tool that helps merchants elevate their e-commerce businesses.


All important metrics in one place

Grow your business

Track your most important growth metrics such as user retention, AOV and LTV. Get a quick look at the projections for your retention and know what the plan for the future looks like.

Discover your top products & periods

Get a comprehensive look at your top subscription periods to find your sweet spot – the ideal subscription length. Identify your profit makers and sell more to each customer.

Know when & why customers cancel

See your recent cancellations in one place. Manually scan all comments related to cancellations, learn what the most common underlying themes are and successfully reduce customer churn.

Boost subscriber

Cohort analysis and retention curves are the most powerful way to understand how your subscriptions evolve over time.

Grow your

User retention, AOV and LTV are the fundamental elements to scale your marketing campaigns and grow your e-commerce business.

Powerful data

Put data analysis at the core of your business. Make data-driven decisions and scale your campaigns.


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