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What is the maximum number of searches a keyword can have on Google Ads?

Ela Answered question January 19, 2023
Derek (anonymous) 0 Comments

The maximum number of searches a keyword can have on Google Ads varies depending on the specific keyword and the industry. Google Ads uses a Keyword Planner tool that provides data on search volume and competition for keywords, but it does not provide an exact maximum number of searches a keyword can have.

A keyword with a high search volume means that many people are searching for it, but it also means that the competition is high and the cost for that keyword will be high, too. Keywords with low search volume will have fewer people searching for them, but also less competition and cost.

In general, keywords with high search volume tend to have more competition and higher cost-per-click (CPC) rates, while keywords with lower search volume tend to have less competition and lower CPC rates. However, this is not always the case, and it depends on the specific industry and competition.

It’s also important to note that search volume data is an estimate and not an exact number, and it may vary depending on the location, time, and device being used to perform the search.

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