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Funnel Analysis

funnel feature in lebesgue app

Identify drop-off points on your website and get insights on how to boost your conversion rate.

funnel feature in lebesgue app
funnel analysis steps

Identify drop-off points

Analyze each step of your checkout funnel, and understand where potential customers are leaving your website.

Get funnel benchmarks

Compare the performance of your checkout funnel to the industry average and gain insights on both lost purchases and revenue.
funnel checkout rate benchmarks
funnel opportunity in lebesgue app

Evaluate the impact of improvements

Focus your optimization efforts on the biggest opportunities and immediately measure your additional purchases and revenue potential.

What our customers say

This is an amazing app (and company) if you really want to take a deep dive and see where your marketing dollars are going and how they’re impacting your business (and bottom line). Highly recommended!
- Yurt Rock

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