How to Write Facebook Ads Copy That Converts

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In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at how to write powerful Facebook ads copy, giving you best practices and a few different tactics that you can test out for yourself.

1. Keep it short & sweet

After analyzing 37,259 Facebook ads, AdEspresso found that in order to get the best results, your ad copy needs to be clear and to the point. And this not only refers to your primary ad text but also your headline and description.

According to the data, the ideal length for a headline is 5 words, 14 words for the primary text, and 18 words for the description.

link description vs ctr

Whether the post is organic or paid, short and concise texts drive engagement, so make sure to keep your ad copy as short as possible. Here are some examples with a short, but engaging ad copy.

2. Include a clear CTA

Don’t forget to split test your ad headlines and descriptions. A good practice is to use action verbs that inspire your audience to ultimately take that action. Here’s an example from Glossier that demonstrates this idea:

Notice how the headline commands action in both examples – “Add to your collection”, and “Pick your favorites”. The description, in this case, remained the same in both examples, but still was relevant to the headline, also commanding action (Shop now).

3. Ask questions & address the user

Including a question in your headline or primary text is a great way to grab a user’s attention. The key thing is to ask a question that resonates with your audience and triggers a response. In fact, research from Social Influence found that headlines in the form of questions received 150% more clicks than statement headlines. 

Including the word “you” in a questioning headline made it receive even 175% more clicks! Here are some examples to help you get an idea of it:

4. Use emojis

Emojis are another great way to boost your ad engagement. In fact, studies have shown that using the right emojis increases the conversion rate by 50%.

AdEspresso’s team also decided to A/B test this and find out whether emojis in Facebook ads really work.

AdEspresso emoji test ctr

With the test complete, the ad with emojis had a 12% higher click-through rate, while the regular ad had a lower cost-per-click ($0.639 vs. $0.720).

Before you start using emojis in your ads, think about your business, products, and messaging you’re trying to send. For some businesses, emojis aren’t a good fit, because they simply don’t resonate with their branding and tone.

We definitely recommend to, at least, A/B test it so you can find out what works best for you. Oh, and if you’re not sure which emojis you should be using, here’s a list of 20 best-performing emojis for Facebook ads.

5. Use FOMO

Using the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) strategy in your ad copy is a great way to not only boost click-through rates but also conversions. With this messaging, you’re essentially telling your audience to latch on to every opportunity before it slips through their fingers.

Imagine scrolling through Facebook and seeing this MAC Cosmetics ad (example below). Maybe you weren’t that keen on purchasing something, but just by seeing this ad, you’re at least pushed to think about it. The phrase “for a limited time only” is great because it increases your FOMO, creating a sense of urgency for purchasing.

facebook ad library mac cosmetics

Another FOMO example is this Asana ad copy that makes the reader think that everyone else is already using their software and the person reading is missing out.

You can incorporate the FOMO strategy in the headline of your ad as well, just like Glossier did in their ad.

6. Use social proof

Another great tactic for boosting CTR is showing social proof. This is one of the best ways to reassure your target audience about your product. So gather up your best user reviews or press coverages and feature them in your ad image or copy, to boost users’ engagement. Here are some examples that illustrate this trick:

Your Turn

Now that you’re familiar with our key tips for your Facebook Ad copy, it’s time to put them to practice. Let us know which of these tips were most helpful and if you have any questions about your Facebook Ads performance, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]

If you have any questions or concerns about your Facebook ad performance, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We’re always happy to help and discuss the best way to optimize your ad campaigns.

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